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Contour HardSkin iPhone 5 Case

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Take an award winning Contour case then apply a luxurious rubberized finish to the outside. Snap securely together and what do you get - the protection and structure of a hardshell case seamlessly blended with the style and feel of a supple skin. Introducing the Contour HardSkin, a light weight, polycarbonate shell with the soft touch of silicone. Because it's no fun unless you can have your cake and eat it too.

Based off of existing Contour cases, the Contour HardSkin retains all of the protective qualities of its underlying chassis. From the durable hardshell to the click through button covers, the HardSkin offers total protection while still allowing full access to all of the controls. Add to all that the rich texture of its rubber finish and you will know when you are holding a Contour HardSkin.