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Carbon Fiber Rally Inspired Front Grill Ford Focus ST 2013+

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With a majority of us relating to the rally cars of WRC, the Ford Focus ST really needed more of an aggressive face and stance than it was given. So we created a handful of aero parts for the Focus taking queues from many different rally car photos of the past couple decades. Our carbon fiber grill is a complete replacement of the OEM plastic unit. The factory grill only flows air to the intercooler and radiator via the bottom half. The top half of the honeycomb style grill is all solid, robbing the Focus ST 2.0L turbocharged engine from much needed cooling. 

The factory grill pops out from the stock bumper once it is removed. Made from 1x1 twill carbon fiber, it features steel mesh which has been painted black.  The top half of the grill features quarter size holes laid out in a sexy pattern while the bottom half has 4 large rectangle openings drawing in more airflow.  The grill is secured using 3M double sided tape and/or silicone on the inside edges.  Each grill is made to order and is hand laid up.  Made in the USA.

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