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About Us

For our shoppers:

Welcome to the official online store for  The LuxVelocity store was born over night like most businesses and our very first sale was made on the show floor of a convention center. 

All orders are processed via the safest way on the internet:Paypal. You do not need a  Paypal account to buy something from our store. You can just use your credit card or debit card in order to purchase your new Pit Stop Furniture product. Orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS and you will not be officially charged for your order until your product ships to you.

We hope that you enjoy your new product and come by to our site to shop for new products. also specializes in international orders for Pit Stop Furniture and Michael Toschi products. 

For potential product partners:

We are located out of the Boston area.

With our store you reach customers through our website, social community tools such as Twitter, email newsletters, and last but least via word of mouth: the most powerful form of promotion.

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