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Shop new styles from the luxury Michael Toschi brand

Frisco luxury shoes Michael Toschi SL800 SUV 2

If you are looking for new styles from the luxury Michael Toschi brand then you have come to the right place.  The new Michael Toschi Frisco, Berta,SL800, SUV 2 and SL900 are popular styles for this season. Of course if you live in nice weather year round then these styles are good all year. The Toschi Onda's shoes are a very popular option and a best seller from the Toschi brand. I personally enjoy the new SL900's and these are a great boot to dress up or down. They are not the best style boot to wear though on a...

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Michael Toschi shoes:What is so special about this luxury brand ?

casual shoes Frisco luxury shoes MARIO Michael Toschi Michael Toschi Onda Onda SL800 SUV 2

 Often customers ask me what is so special about the Michael Toschi brand?Well first of all this is a luxury brand where all products are hand made in Italy with the finest materials and of course by master designer Michael Toschi. The products are retailed at a premium price but think about a Ferrari and how this is made in Italy? Ferrari's are produced in limited numbers and so are products from the Toschi brand.  I have customers calling me from all over the USA and world to order products from the Michael Toschi luxury brand. These are often customers...

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