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Toschi shoe sale

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Now is the time to find your favorite Toschi shoe on sale at our store. This is a very special sale we are running for Toschi brand for the holiday season. There are classic shoes on this sale such as the Mach, Onda, and SL models. Additional you kind find shoes like the SUV 2 and SUV3. My favorites include the SL1, Frisco, and Onda SE. All purchases include free shipping !  Shop Michael Toschi shoes on sale now!  

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Carbon Fiber Boston World of Wheels Michael Toschi Michael Toschi Onda Onda X

Since I first viewed the Michael Toschi Onda, I knew I wanted to try it on and own this driving shoe. This is one beautiful luxury driving shoe with great style and expert craftsmanship.  The Michael Toschi Onda is made in Italy and is the perfect shoe to put on and do a weekend cruise to Palm Beach in your luxury sport or exotic car.  The store now carries multiple products from the Onda lineup like the Onda X models, Onda Carbontech, and the Onda SE with Red Sole.  My personal favorite has to be the Onda Carbontech.This shoe is...

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