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Shop Michael Toschi shoes fall collection

luxury shoes Michael toschi michael toschi shoes toschi onda toschi shoes

Now that September is here Toschi customers are looking for a new pair of Toschi shoes for the fall. Toschi shoes are the ultimate luxury performance shoe and are made in Italy. Popular styles include the Michael Toschi Frisco, Berta, Mirco, SL800, SL900, and all of the Toschi Onda styles. We offer free shipping on all of the Toschi brand and if you have experienced the Michael Toschi shoe brand before , you will for sure be satisfied with your purchase. Soon to be released are the new Toschi Fata shoes which are the replacement to the ever so popular...

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Shop new styles from the luxury Michael Toschi brand

Frisco luxury shoes Michael Toschi SL800 SUV 2

If you are looking for new styles from the luxury Michael Toschi brand then you have come to the right place.  The new Michael Toschi Frisco, Berta,SL800, SUV 2 and SL900 are popular styles for this season. Of course if you live in nice weather year round then these styles are good all year. The Toschi Onda's shoes are a very popular option and a best seller from the Toschi brand. I personally enjoy the new SL900's and these are a great boot to dress up or down. They are not the best style boot to wear though on a...

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Toschi shoe sale

casual shoes Michael Toschi Michael Toschi Onda Onda Onda X

Now is the time to find your favorite Toschi shoe on sale at our store. This is a very special sale we are running for Toschi brand for the holiday season. There are classic shoes on this sale such as the Mach, Onda, and SL models. Additional you kind find shoes like the SUV 2 and SUV3. My favorites include the SL1, Frisco, and Onda SE. All purchases include free shipping !  Shop Michael Toschi shoes on sale now!  

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Michael Toschi shoes:What is so special about this luxury brand ?

casual shoes Frisco luxury shoes MARIO Michael Toschi Michael Toschi Onda Onda SL800 SUV 2

 Often customers ask me what is so special about the Michael Toschi brand?Well first of all this is a luxury brand where all products are hand made in Italy with the finest materials and of course by master designer Michael Toschi. The products are retailed at a premium price but think about a Ferrari and how this is made in Italy? Ferrari's are produced in limited numbers and so are products from the Toschi brand.  I have customers calling me from all over the USA and world to order products from the Michael Toschi luxury brand. These are often customers...

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Boston Cup Carbon Fiber Boston World of Wheels Formula 1 Race Chair Formula One Chair International Orders Michael Toschi Michael Toschi Onda Pitstop Furniture will be in the VIP Tent at the Boston Cup this weekend in the Boston Common. The weather is looking like it will cooperate and there will be all kinds of exotics and classic cars to view at the first ever car show in the Boston Common. Within the VIP Tent at the Boston Cup, will showcase products from the store like Pit Stop Chairs and dress and casual shoes from the Michael Toschi brand.  Come by and say "Hi" to Joe. The Boston Cup is Sunday , September 23rd near the Parkman Bandstand in the Boston Common....

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