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Shop racing furniture from Pit Stop Furniture for your dealership or office

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When you are shopping for new office furniture for your office or dealership why not try something totally different and exciting?A hot new trend in office furniture is racing furniture from Pit Stop Furniture. Racing furniture debuted at the SEMA Las Vegas show and has appeared in television shows like CNBC's Car Chasers. There are many different styles to choose from for your office or dealership and also many different colors. The Formula One Series chair is also available with custom embroidery to really set off your office and impress your clients. New from Pit Stop Furniture is the bar...

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Pit Stop Furniture appears on CNBC's The Car Chasers TV Show

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 If you are fan of car shows on TV then you must check out the new The Car Chasers show on CNBC. This show follows "car chaser" Jeff Allen as he and his crew buy and sell classic and exotic cars.  The first time I watched this show I was surprised to see a lot of racing office furniture items from Pit Stop Furniture on this hot new car show! Jeff and his partner/wife are sitting in the Grand Prix Chair and the Pit Stop Racing Style Desk! Pit Stop offers affordable high end automotive style furniture that will impress...

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Quick note for International Orders

Formula One Chair Grand Prix Chair International Orders Pitstop Furniture

 If you would like an order to be shipped internationally please contact us on our contact page. We will put together a custom quote to get you "behind the wheel" of the award winning Pit Stop Furniture!  Tell us what products you want and where we will need to ship them to and we will get back to you by the next business day with the total cost to ship products like the Grand Prix Chair , or Formula One Series Chair to your office or home!  Looking forward to working with you on a quote. Joseph

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