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Now that September is here Toschi customers are looking for a new pair of Toschi shoes for the fall. Toschi shoes are the ultimate luxury performance shoe and are made in Italy.

Popular styles include the Michael Toschi Frisco, Berta, Mirco, SL800, SL900, and all of the Toschi Onda styles. We offer free shipping on all of the Toschi brand and if you have experienced the Michael Toschi shoe brand before , you will for sure be satisfied with your purchase.

Soon to be released are the new Toschi Fata shoes which are the replacement to the ever so popular Toschi Mach shoes. Get in your pre-order now. 

We also are a reseller for Toschi shoe accessories like matching belts and jackets. If there is a product you are looking for from Michael Toschi brand please let us know and we will help you find this specific Toschi shoe or accessory. 

Shop Michael Toschi shoes at the store now. 

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